About Me

Upon my completion of high school, I decided to chase my childhood dream of playing football in college.  After a torn ACL ended my college career, I went on to receive two degrees from Chico State (History and Spanish) while having the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Spain for 8 months. I even met my future wife at Chico State.

Upon college graduation, I had aspirations of becoming a high school History, Economics, and Spanish teacher.  However, after completing the credential program at Sonoma State, I realized teaching was no longer my passion and eventually found my way into sales at a small winery in St. Helena named Salvestrin Winery.

Now my portfolio of sales includes wine, natural soaps and hand sanitizers, online marketing and advertising, custom retail displays and insurance.  I have even found that I have a knack for marketing after selling online and marketing services, creating and managing an insurance agencies online marketing efforts, and creating four websites. 

I now reside in San Carlos, CA with my amazing wife who I am blessed to wake up to every morning.  I have had a truly amazing life, full of unique experiences, and I could never be the man I am today without her.

My mentality for life:

There is that saying, work hard and play hard!  I hope to bring a more refined and wholesome meaning to that phrase.

I work hard so I can play hard. 

When I get home from work, I can do the things I love.  Train jiu jitsu, ride my bike, play chess, go for a run, read, watch a documentary, play my guitar, read some more, write a blog, and yes, play a little Halo. 

Anything new and challenging will make my ears perk up.  Although my career is a huge part of my focus, challenging myself when I am home helps me bring a new wealth of experiences that I can apply towards my career and life. 

Why a blog?

Coming up in life, I never had much of a mentor.  The human I am today has come from a lot of trial and error.  I have learned about life through it’s bumps and bruises.  My hope with this blog is for you knowledge seekers out there to learn from my bumps and bruises so your walk through this life can be easier. 

From my experiences, I have learned a lot and come to a point where I want to start offering the knowledge I have gained to the next wave of up and comers, or those looking to further improve their career and life.    

I enjoy looking inside myself to find new areas to improve and new things to explore.  

In Life, I will be the first person to say that I don’t want to be right, I just want to know that what I am doing is right. 

I hope you enjoy my blog and I look forward to helping all of you get through the maze of life with less stress and more enjoyment.





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