Saving money is a very crucial part of adding to an individuals personal wealth.  I have found 5 easy ways to save money by creating some small personal habits that have been incredibly beneficial to me.  I have listed them below:

  • Start a monthly budget
  • Automatic Withdrawal into Savings
  • Conscience grocery shopping
  • Recycle
  • Shopping for clothes, the right way: Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls

#1 Monthly Budget

A great way to start saving money is to first understand how much money you are spending.  Understanding how to create a monthly budget will be a great blog for you to review.  Outside of my 5 easy ways to save money, once you have mastered a monthly budget, you may find many more ways to save money.  However, before you get there, the first thing that many individuals need to understand is that saving money is a struggle as much as it is a habit.   Humans are creatures of habit.  Thus it is incredibly important for anyone to get in the habit of collecting receipts and categorizing them into a monthly spreadsheet.  Staying in tune with what you are spending each day / week / month / and year will help you better identify areas in which you can eliminate wasteful spending like eating out or impulse buying.  My thought behind creating a monthly budget is this, “If you don’t know what you are spending, how much do you know you can save?”.

#2 Automatic withdrawal into savings

Number 2 of my 5 easy ways to save money is to simply set up an automatic withdrawal from your checking account into your savings account.  Most banks offer their clients an option to have a certain amount of money automatically withdrawn from their checking account that is then placed into their savings.  Set a number that you know you can save a month to start.  Be it $50 or $100 any amount put away is a great start towards saving money.  If you take my advice about creating a monthly budget, you will gradually begin to see other areas where you can cut spending and grow your financial independence. 

#3 Consciences grocery shopping

Number 3 of my 5 easy ways to save money is Grocery Shopping.  Grocery shopping is an easy way to cut costs.  By simply paying attention to the stables of what you are buying every week, you can see how easy it is.  For example, My wife and I love Lacroix.  We drink it all the time.  Every time we buy Lacroix, I always make sure to check the prices of where we are shopping.  For us, we shop at 3 different grocery stores, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and a local market here where we live named Bianchini’s.  At Whole Foods, La Croix runs anywhere from $5 – $6.  Sometimes they will discount it to under $4.  Bianchini’s does the same thing however, their individual sales may fall on different dates.  One week Whole Foods may have it, the next week Bianchini’s may have it.  On average, I can sometimes save $1 – $2 a week per case by simply paying attention to the costs of La Croix at Bianchini’s and Whole Foods.  The savings don’t stop there!  You can easily translate this cost saving idea to all of your grocery shopping needs.

A brief example:

La Croix

Pizza Sauce

Crimini Mushrooms

#4 Recycling

Number 4 of my 5 easy ways to save money is to Recycle.  Recycling is an often over looked way to save money.  Since you have been keeping your receipts for your monthly budget, you will be able to see the taxes that are automatically charged for every container you buy that consists of aluminum, plastic, glass, and bimetal.  These taxes are called CRV’s.  These CRV’s range depending on the size of the bottle or can that is purchased.  In the state of California, if a container is less than 24 ounces, the consumer will be charged a .05 cents.  If the container is greater than 24 ounces, then the consumer will be charged .10 cents.  The great thing about this is you can actually receive a good amount of those nickels and dimes back by recycling.

A great way to look at recycling is as if a consumer is placing a small deposit into a bank to use a container.  Once that container has been used, the consumer can simply return the container to get some, in some cases all, of their deposited money back.  If the consumer does not return the container, then the “bank” gets to keep the .05 or .10 cents.  Depending on the amount of aluminum, plastic, glass, and bimetal containers that you, or your family use, the savings could be in the $10’s if not $100’s of dollars a month.  All you need to do is purchase 3 – 4 containers, put them in a place that is easily accessible, and simply place any used container in them until they are full.  Once they are full, take the bins to the recycling center and receive your money back.  An individual is simply taking a can and placing it in another container instead of their trash can.  It is that easy.

#5 Shopping for clothes, the right way: Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and sales at retailers


Finally, the 5th way to save money every month is to shop at discount retailers.  I do the majority of my clothes shopping at Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls.  Although retail is changing, shopping at these discount centers provide you with immense opportunities to save.  Socks and underwear are a no brainer at these locations.  However, they may not always have your size or style in stock.  You can spend $5 on a pack of 8 pairs of socks, where normally you would pay $15 -$20.  I get great deals on pants and shirts there for work.  If you feel as though you will have a need in the next few weeks for a new shirt, you can start going to these stores about 1 a week to check and see what they have.  I can usually find at least something that will fit into my clothing arsenal.  However, if I am in a bind and need something today, I can go to a Banana Republic and spend exact retail.  However, sometimes they do have sales.  Subscribing to the newsletters of some of your favorite retailers for clothes can give you unique access to deals and savings.  By simply keeping an eye on the wear and tear of your clothing, you can save a lot of money by shopping at these discount shoppers and paying attention to deals for some of the bigger retailers. 

There are plenty of easy ways to save money every month and add to your personal wealth.  Making yourself aware of what you are spending every month, automatically withdrawing money into your savings account, recycling, being more consciences with your grocery shopping, and shopping at discount retailers, while paying attention to deals, you can easily save $100’s of dollars a month.  The primary focus is to become fully aware of your money and what you are spending it on.  With money, life is a game of chess.  Don’t get caught playing checkers.

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